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Childsmile Flouride Varnish (added 20.05.16)

Primary 1 and 2 will have a visit this week from the Childsmile team to carry out the Flouride Varnish programme. If you have not yet returned letters about this, please do so before Tuesday 24th May. Primary 1 were particularly wonderful last time and sat like champions for the treatment, earning themselves a sought-after Childsmile sticker. Well done wee ones!
Primary 1 Induction Programme (added 20.05.16)

It's a busy week for the new Primary 1 pupils at Calderwood. Group C children are invited to take part in a selection of fun activities in the Parent and Child Workshop this Monday were they will receive their first Head Teacher Certificate! It doesn't end there though, parents are invited to our Fashion Show this coming Tuesday to see Calderwood's school uniform and to chat with our Parent Council team who will advise you on what you need for your child.
Rag Bag Collection on Monday (added 20.05.16)

Spring has sprung and it's the perfect time for a spot of spring cleaning. Children were issued with Rag Bags last week and if you have unwanted clothes or textiles the bags are due for collection on Monday 23rd May. The bags may contain wearable clothing, paired shoes, handbags or belts. These items are recycled and the school will be paid for every kilo recycled.
Week Commencing 23.05.16

Special Events

Rag Bag Collection am
Recorder Club 3-4pm

Primary 1 Induction Programme: Parent & Child Workshop
Group C - 9.30-10.45am

P7 Dance Tutor 10.45am

Childsmile P1&2 Flouride Varnish
P5 Bikeability 3-4pm

Primary 1 Induction Programme: Fashion Show & Uniform Day
All groups welcome - 2pm

Signature Strengths Parent Workshop 6.30-8.30pm

P4-7 Active Schools Fun Run 4.30-5.30pm

Healthy Tuck Shop Room 9
P6 Swimming am
P6 Cycling Proficiency Testing 3-4pm
P4 Writing Club 3-4pm
Gardening Club 3-4pm
Running Club 3-4pm


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