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On behalf of all the staff at Calderwood Primary, I would like to warmly welcome you to our school website.

Our expectations for every child at Calderwood are reflected in our school motto which states ‘the sky is the limit.’ My goal as a school leader is to ensure that we nurture the strengths and talents of every child in the school. We encourage our pupils to develop a love of learning and we invest considerable time in building pupil self-esteem and confidence.

As a staff team we are highly committed to our own professional learning and strive to be innovative, creative and robust in our teaching. We eagerly seek the views of our children, parents and partners in order to continuously improve our school.

Our community is an extension of our school family and we celebrate excellent relationships with parents through an atmosphere of trust and partnership. We welcome and embrace opportunities for parents to participate in the learning and life of the school.

Calderwood Primary School
Buchanan Drive
G73 3PQ

t. 0141 647 1277 

f. 0141 647 9241


Free School Meals Information

If your child has any food allergies please contact the school directly to discuss this.
Your comments are very important to us, if you and your child have any suggestions regarding your child's school lunch we would be grateful to hear from you by emailing:
At Calderwood Primary School all staff work together to make certain that we are Getting It Right For Every Child. This means that we focus on the things that make a positive difference for our pupils to ensure their needs are met. Getting It Right For Every Child is threaded through all policy, practice, strategy and legislation affecting children, young people and their families. A key part of this legislation ensures that all health boards and local authorities must make a Named Person available to every child. This means that the child and their family have a single point of contact who can work with them to sort out any further help, advice or support if they need it. Our staff works to support and develop the wellbeing of our pupils across the eight well-being indicators. Click HERE to find out more. In May our children will be learning about being INCLUDED.
Vision, Values & Aims
Calderwood Primary School Vision and Values Logos
Our Vision:

At Calderwood we are committed to providing a welcoming, safe, nurturing and inclusive environment for our children and families.

Innovation and creativity is at the forefront of our journey. Every child is encouraged and supported to reach their potential.

Leadership is promoted throughout the school, empowering our learners and staff to strive for excellence in all we do.

We highly value and celebrate the outstanding partnerships between parents, the wider community, business and the school.

Calderwood children are high achieving, high attaining and happy learners!

Our Values
  • Respect
  • Leadership
  • Compassion, nurture and care
  • Ambition, Achievement and Attainment
  • Partnership and communication
  • Enthusiasm and Commitment
  • Diligence and resilience
  • Equality and inclusion
  • Creativity and innovation

Our Aims – Written by Calderwood Pupils:

We will work together with amazing people to help us in our learning
  • We will be supportive of everyone’s talents as everyone is equal
  • We will make each other feel safe and care for one another
  • We will treat each other like a family
  • We are happy, feel at home and we belong
  • We will show respect and think of one another
  • We will make sure everyone feels included
  • We will be an expressive and creative school
  • We will have fun while we learn!
School Hours

Our school day
9am - 3pm

Morning interval
10.30am - 10.45am 

12.30-1.15pm Rooms 1-7
12.45 - 1.30pm Rooms 8-15
School Uniform

Please click here to read guidance on our school uniform.
Please click here to read guidance on our PE uniform.

Online ordering websites are...
Gilmours/School Wear Made Easy
My Clothing Limited

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