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Our highlights from this term so far:

Teacher’s choice
  •  We hope that the children will settle into life at Calderwood and have fun learning lots of new things
Pupil’s choice
  • We are excited to learn letters and numbers with our teachers!
  • We can’t wait to dress up for our Halloween disco
  • We love spending time with our big P7 buddies every Friday

Miss Simpson & Miss Muir,  Primary 1
Welcome to Room 1
Our Learning Journey

We are learning lots of new sounds and starting to blend these to make words.
We will be listening to stories and sharing our own news.
We will be using our listening and talking skills to deliver personal talks to each other, sharing ideas about our favourite places to visit in our local area.


This term we will be learning to read, write, sequence and count numbers to 10 and beyond!
We will be learning about data handling, conducting surveys and displaying our findings in different ways.
Every day we practise our calendar skills, ask me to sing the days of the week song, or show you how remember the months of the year!

Health and wellbeing 

We will be learning about people who help to keep us safe and about how to stay safe
We are learning about how to keep our brains and bodies healthy and are enjoying participating in the daily mile and Stoptober snack challenge
In P.E. with Ms Sommerville we will be developing our skills using a variety of small equipment including bean bags and balls.

Interdisciplinary Learning

We enjoyed visiting Overtoun park to find out more about our local community.
We have been using Google maps to explore our favourite places within our community.
We are aware of people who help us in our school and wider community.


We can name the important external parts of our bodies.
We will be learning about our skeleton and its three functions


In Primary 1 we will be using lots of different games to help us with our learning across the curriculum.
We will have the opportunity to use notebooks, the clever touch and ipads to help us with our learning.

Religious and Moral Education

We have been learning about fairness and respect through religious stories.
We have been thinking of ways that we can use these values to be kind in our own lives.

Expressive Arts

We will be working on our drawing skills and learning a range of collage techniques
We have been using our body movement and our voice to portray a range of characters

Our Enterprise Opportunities

We will create wonderful crafts for our winter fair
We will be performing our nativity and hope to receive feedback from our audience

Additional Information 

Gym day is Wednesday. It would be great if children could wear a polo shirt to school to save them from having to button shirts and sort out ties.
The children should have a refillable water bottle every day if possible, please ensure they only bring water.
We visit the school library on Tuesday. We can take a book home for a week and once we have returned it, we can take a different book home.

Our News This Term
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