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Our hopes for this term

Teacher Choice

Pupil Choice
  • We are looking forward to the Christmas show and the Halloween disco.
  • We can’t wait to get better at things, like science.
  • We are so excited about working with our Buddies in P1!
Mrs Mossman, Primary 7
Welcome to Room 14
Our Learning Journey

We are learning about the life and works of Roald Dahl.
We are learning to write Free Verse poems.
We will be skimming before reading and scanning after reading to improve our understanding of texts. We are also using Bloom’s Taxonomy to ask more interesting questions about texts.


We are learning about fractions, decimals and percentages.
We are improving our skills in division.
We are learning about measuring lengths – using mm, cm, m and km!

Health and Wellbeing 

We will be learning about staying safe – we’ll invent safe games.
We’ll be learning about how to lead healthy lifestyles.
We’re going to improve our football and volleyball skills.

Interdisciplinary Learning

We’re going to improve our team working skills and our research skills when we work together for the PreSTEM project.
We are going to find out about Governments around the world.


We are competing in the PreSTEM project and making our school healthier.
We will find out about microorganisms


We are learning to touch type and how to use Microsoft Word’s features.
We will be selecting materials to design models.

Religious and Moral Education

We have been learning about how to deal with conflicts in a responsible way.

Expressive Arts

We are learning to create 3D artwork.
We will be using our observation skills to improve our drawings.

Our Enterprise Opportunities

We will be taking part in the Christmas show.
We will decide on an idea to contribute to the school fair.

Additional Information 

We have PE on a Thursday.

Our News This Term

We have been learning about the past by looking at historical newpapers. You can check them out too by clicking HERE

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