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Our highlights so far this term:

Teacher Choice
  • I have really appreciated the effort that the pupils have made during their personal research tasks relating to WW2 and have even learnt a few new interesting facts about key WW2 figures from the children.

Pupil Choice
  • Learning skills in Volleyball and being able to participate in the Stonelaw Volleyball Festival with other primary schools
  • Using our research skills to find out information about the Second World War
  • Carrying out ‘Yeast Experiments’ in our study of Micro-organisms.

Mr Matts, Primary 7
Welcome to Room 14
Our Learning Journey

Working collaboratively in class in our novel study ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’
Looking forward to writing imaginative stories using the technique of ‘Flashbacks’
Carrying out presentations about French-speaking countries and geographical features of France


This term we have been developing our skills in financial education
We have also been working on doing calculations using the 24hr clock e.g. duration of time/converting 12hr/24 hr times and examining international time zones
We will shortly be starting a range of learning experiences based on Measure.

Health and Wellbeing

We have been discussing the importance of sleep and mental health and wellbeing
We have examined Internet Safety and ways in which to keep ourselves safe while in the wider environment
In P.E. we have been developing our skills in Volleyball in preparation for participating in the Stonelaw High School Inter-schools’ Volleyball Festival.

Interdisciplinary Learning

Learning about Rationing in WW2 and how it affected daily life
Discovering all about the role of ‘Propaganda’ during wartime
Writing our own scripts within Drama for our World War 2 group performances.


We have been learning all about ‘Micro-organisms’, identifying those that are helpful and harmful to the human body and carrying out related Scientific experiments


We are using a variety of programmes to enhance our Mathematical knowledge and skills

Religious and Moral Education

We have been learning about ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ and a future focus will be on developing our critical thinking skills through examination of the ‘Christmas Story’.

Expressive Arts

We have been developing skills in using pencil and line using a variety of different contexts
We are looking forward to developing our creative skills in traditional Scottish country dancing using a variety of skip steps and turns
We are also looking forward to developing our musical talents as we prepare for the forthcoming Calderwood Christmas Show.

Our Enterprise Opportunities

We are currently working collaboratively in order to assist in the preparation for the Christmas Show
As members of the School Communication Group, we are developing our skills in ICT and are looking forward to producing a Calderwood School magazine.

Additional Information 

Our News This Term

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