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Our highlights so far this term

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Mrs Allison & Mrs Park, Primary 2
Welcome to Room 3
Our Learning Journey

We are all so excited to have our fabulous new magnetic boards to help us with our phonemes and spelling!
In writing, we will be working hard on character descriptions. Using our own imaginations and lots of adjectives to make our work interesting
We will be reading a range of genres through our reading books and thinking about different strategies to help us understand the texts.


We all worked hard to learn our days of the week and months of the year (in French too!) We will keep practising these.
We will also be thinking about place value, looking at tens and units and numbers up to 100.
We will be extending on our P1 shape knowledge, identifying more 2D shapes and 3D objects and thinking about their properties.

Health and Wellbeing 

Health and Wellbeing is extremely important to use. We will be working on safety, particularly food safety and later this term we will be preparing a healthy fruit salad!
Our food needs change as we grow, we will be finding out about the food we need to keep us healthy at different stages of our lives.
PE is so much fun, we love working with Ms Sommerville and will be focussing on ball skills this term.

Interdisciplinary Learning

Our topic this term is Houses and Homes around the world. We’ll be thinking about housing in our local community, compared to housing needs in other parts of the world!
We will also be looking at how the environment and climate affects housing.


We know all about our five senses and are thoroughly enjoying learning more about these and how each contributes to make our lives what they are.


Our technologies are linked to our Houses and Homes topic and we will be using a variety of materials to design and create our own model places to live.

Religious and Moral Education

We have already been learning about good manners and we hope you have seen a difference at home!
There are many different places of worship in Rutherglen, we will be finding out a bit more about some of these.

Expressive Arts

The children all love to express themselves in Drama, as well as working on our listening skills through Drama activities and games, primary 2 will be thinking about characterisation – linked to our writing- and trying movement and mime to portray a variety of fictional characters!
In Art, we will be using paint and working on tinting to change tone.
Nearer Christmas time, the Primary 2’s will be learning some Scottish Country dances so that we can do some fantastic ceilidh dancing at our Christmas party!

Our Enterprise Opportunities

We will be planting bulbs this term and holding a wee event later in the year related to this!
We will also be taking on the Friendship Leadership group.

Additional Information 

Our gym day is on a Tuesday, please make sure children have a t-shirt / polo shirt, shorts and suitable footwear.
We visit the school library on a Tuesday, children can keep their books for longer than a week if they want. They can only borrow one book from the library at a time.

Our News This Term


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