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Our hopes for this term

Teacher’s choice
  • We hope that we will enjoy working and learning together, making lots of new friendships along the way.

Pupil’s choice

 Mrs MacKillop, Mrs Bloomer & Mrs Kirkland, Primary 3/4
Welcome to Room 8
Our Learning Journey

We began this term with our Fantastic Novel Study: Fantastic Mr Fox. We hope to continue to study a variety of different reading genres, including becoming ‘First News’ Reporters.
We are looking forward to developing our skills in Poetry writing through writing rhyming couplets and creating list poems.  We will also be using our imaginations to create imaginative texts, using story mountains to create their story lines.  
We are excited about reading books from the new Book Band reading scheme.  We will be using the books to build on our knowledge of our reading strategies, using prediction, comparing and summarising and paraphrasing to deepen our understanding of them.


We will continue to develop our numeracy skills through Mental Maths whole-class interactive fun    activities and will also enjoy using ICT games to sharpen our Mental agility.
We will learn more about the properties of 2D shapes and 3D objects and try to identify these in our world around us.
We will be working on addition and subtraction.

Health and wellbeing 

The children have been discussing the topic of Friendship and have been making new friends.  We have been learning about what it means to be a good friend.
We will be learning about the different ways of keeping ourselves safe in the environment we live in, focusing on people we trust.
We will also be learning about keeping safe when on the internet through completing ‘Think u know    website interactive activities.
In P.E, the children will be developing their ball handling skills in mini rugby in addition to developing their skills in dodging and travelling with the ball.

Interdisciplinary Learning

This term, we will be doing a local study of Rutherglen including studying its’ history.
We hope to do a tour of the key landmarks of Rutherglen and learn about their significance to   Ruglonians. We also hope to create some collages of these historic sites in Art.  We will be studying ariel views of Rutherglen on Google Earth and discussing key environmental issues e.g. examining if Rutherglen has many ‘green belts’/is equipped with enough supermarkets/ recycling centres etc.
We also would like to invite some older Ruglonians into our class to hear about Rutherglen in the olden days.


Our focus this term is ‘Reducing, Reusing and Recycling’. We will be learning about ways we can do these things in school and at home.
We will use recyclable materials to build our own junk models.


We will use Pivot Stick to create our own animations, adding stick men that we have created as well as creating and inserting our own backgrounds.
We will also be learning to use the ‘Think u Know Safety Online’ website, learning how to keep safe on the internet. 

Religious and Moral Education

In RME, we will be learning about Muhammad and his significance to the Islamic religion.

Expressive Arts

We will be creating a variety of images using collage to create 3D effects.  Some of these will feature key landmarks of Rutherglen.
We will also be developing key skills in using pencil, line and shading to create images based on some of the poems of Robert Burns and they will also be recreating key landmarks of Rutherglen using shading and tone.


Our Enterprise Opportunities

We will be making an item to sell at our Christmas Fayre.

Additional Information 

Primary 3/4 is excited about our Halloween discos and Christmas Parties.
Primary 3/4 have been working on improving their presentation of their written work, including weekly handwriting lessons to improve upon the written presentation of their work across the curriculum.

Our News This Term

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