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Our highlights so far this term:

Teacher’s choice
  • I have loved hearing about everyone’s exciting summer holidays!

Pupil’s choice
  • We really enjoyed making our own clay pots linked to our Ancient Egyptians topic.
  • Rubbing potatoes around the school was fun as we got to see how germs affect potato.

 Miss Bhatti, Primary 4
Welcome to Room 8
Our Learning Journey

We absolutely love our new upper book banding! We have enjoyed our books so far.
Throughout our imaginative writing lessons we have been learning how to write a detailed character description and now we are learning how to write recounts.
In grammar, we are learning about putting words into alphabetical order.


We have been learning to the number sequence to 1000
We have been learning to add and subtract using carrying and exchanging
We have been working hard learning our Big Maths learn it’s and completing our Beat That tests.

Health and wellbeing 

We have been learning about the importance of friendship and have created our own ‘Friendship Recipe’
We will be learning about the importance of eating a healthy balanced diet following the Eat-well guide.
In P.E. we are learning all about fitness. We are enjoying running, jumping and even working with weights.

Interdisciplinary Learning

We have been learning all about ancient Egypt times.
We are excited to go on our trip to the Kelvin Grove Art Gallery to take part in an ancient Egyptian workshop


We have been learning all about germs.


We have been learning how to use a search engine and navigate around websites.
We have been developing our word processing and typing skills

Religious and Moral Education

We have been learning about importance of complimenting others.

Expressive Arts

We have been recreating Roly-Poly birds from the Roald Dahl novel ‘The Twits’ using a variety of materials.
We are learning to make Egyptian Collars using a variety of materials including paint, paper plates, string, beads and jewels.


Our Enterprise Opportunities

We are looking at our world of work and developing 'Young Workforce' skills
We are learning about road safety

Additional Information 

We take part in P.E on Monday mornings
We visit the school Library on Monday in the afternoon.

Our News This Term

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