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Our hopes for this term

Teacher’s choice
  • We are looking forward to working together to research interesting information about a variety of countries around the world, using research skills to identify key facts about them.
Pupil’s choice
  • We are looking forward to the Christmas show and the Halloween disco.
  • We can’t wait to finish our drama performances about internet safety and show our videos.
  • Primary 7 are looking forward to being buddies to Primary 1 and Primary 6 are so enthusiastic about being responsible for the running of the Credit Union throughout the school. 
Miss Rooney and Mrs Bloomer, P6/7
Welcome to Room 15
Our Learning Journey

We are developing our skills in using key grammatical concepts to enhance our extended writing.
We are learning to create interesting setting for our imaginative writing!
We are predicting before reading, comparing during reading and summarising after reading to develop our understanding of and engagement with texts.


We are extending our skills in multiplication, division, addition and subtraction.
We are learning more about the language of mathematics, which will help us with interpreting questions and problem solving.
We are learning about the key properties of quadrilaterals and triangles and exploring other aspects of 2D Shape and 3D Objects.  

Health and Wellbeing 

We will be learning about the ‘Eatwell Food Guide’ within Nutrition, in order to explore the variety of healthy food, within the key food groups that will offer the most effective nutritious value.
We’ll be learning about how to lead healthy lifestyles.
We’re going to improve our badminton and volleyball skills.

Interdisciplinary Learning

Primary 7 are going to improve our team working skills and our research skills when we work together for the PreSTEM project.
We will be examining a variety of countries around the world through the topic study: ‘My World’ and making direct comparisons with Scotland and our way of life.


We are competing in the PreSTEM project and making our school healthier.
We will also be learning about water conservation and will be examining the numerous ways in which water can be conserved.  In addition, we will also be conducting our own experiments in how to purify water.



Religious and Moral Education

We are exploring the topic ‘Guru Nanak’ and will be learning about prominent Sikh stories and discussing key values within and relating these to our own lives.

Expressive Arts

We will be focusing on developing our skills in using pencil, line and shading through different contexts.
We will also be developing techniques in using paint to create images that are influenced by our study of different cultures around the world.

Our Enterprise Opportunities

We will create a fabulous product to sell at the Christmas Fair.

Additional Information 

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