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Our highlights from last term

Teacher’s choice
  • I hope that the children continue to be confident learners, working together in a fun, stimulating and motivating environment. I hope they will continue to strive to be the best they can be whilst encouraging, respecting and supporting one another.  
Pupil’s choice
  • We hope to learn lots about Ancient Egypt. We are looking forward to our class trip to Kelvingrove Art Gallery. We will be extending our knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians by participating in a workshop and having the opportunity to view some Egyptian artefacts.
  • We hope that we all improve in our knowledge of French.
  • We enjoy the opportunities to participate in a variety of drama and role playing activities. We are looking forward to taking on the different roles when we perform our P4 wedding ceremony for our invited guests.  

Mrs Ferguson & Mrs McIntyre, Primary 4
Welcome to Room 9
Our Learning Journey

We will be developing our skills in reading comprehension using a range of strategies such as self- questioning, comparing and scanning. We will also be using Bloom’s Taxonomy to help develop our thinking and questioning skills.
We will be developing our writing skills, we have been focusing on poetry writing and have already created some super autobiographical poems. We are looking forward to linking our writing to our Ancient Egyptians topic, we will be writing instructions on the process of mummification.
We will use a variety of active spelling strategies to develop our skills in spelling more complex words.


We will be developing our skills in mental maths, focusing on improving our speed and accuracy when answering questions through a variety of active tasks.
We will be finding totals and giving change to £10, converting pounds to pence and pence to pounds.
We have been working on developing our numeracy skills by completing 3 digit addition and subtraction (with carrying and exchanging) calculations. We also will be developing our understanding of multiplication and division calculations. 

Health and Wellbeing 

Working together we have created our own class charter. We have identified key areas such as showing respect to all and being the best we can be as very important to us.
We have had the opportunity to develop our skills in tennis.
We will be participating in the Healthy Mile challenge throughout the term.

Interdisciplinary Learning

Through our topic on Ancient Egypt we will be comparing our lives with the Egyptians, looking for similarities and differences in areas such as housing, school, food, transport and clothing.
We will develop our skills in research and presentation by working collaboratively throughout the topic.
We will plan, organise and deliver a sharing our learning event for parents at the end of our topic to share our knowledge of Ancient Egypt with others.  


We have been learning about the different types of germs. We have be investigated how germs can spread and how important it is to wash hands correctly to prevent the spread of germs.
We will be learning about the differences between solids and liquids and will identify solids which can dissolve.


We will be developing our research skills by using online search engines to help us find information relating to our topic the Ancient Egyptians, to help us complete a variety of tasks.
We will develop our skills in word processing, editing and creating files.

Religious and Moral Education

We will be learning about the ceremony of marriage in the Christian religion.  

Expressive Arts

In Art we have enjoyed making Egyptian goddesses, pictures of ourselves and scarecrows. We hope to take our learning outdoors to make the most of the Autumn weather by doing some leaf printing.
Using ABC Music as a resource we have been learning about tempo and how to keep a beat. There have been lots of interactive activities so far which we have enjoyed.

Our Enterprise Opportunities

We will work collaboratively to create a product to sell for the Christmas Fair.

Additional Information 

We are extending our knowledge of French within the classroom, through learning French greetings and songs. 
We will be using a variety of active games to help develop our working memory and thinking skills.
We are looking forward to a visit in December from the Rookie Rockstars, who will be helping us prepare a song for the Christmas concert.

Our News This Term

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