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Our highlights from this term so far:

Teacher’s choice
  • Being welcomed to the school and getting to know all the children in the class.
Pupil’s choice
  • Making our 3d digestive systems.
  • Reading the book holes and then watching the film.
  • Creating our tinfoil and string pictures.

Mrs Sampson, Primary 6
Welcome to Room 13
Our Learning Journey

We will be developing our skills in talking and listening through our Environmental Studies Topic.
We will be developing our writing skills in a variety of contexts including story writing, poetry and factual writing such as reports and biographies, where we are writing biographies of famous people.
We will continue to develop our spelling skills through a range of strategies working individually and with partners/groups


We will be developing our skills in mathematics, learning how about place value, rounding and money. We are also discussing how Maths and Numeracy is used in the real world in everyday life.
We will be further developing our skills in telling the time using digital and analogue clocks, in particular 24 hour time and using timetables.
We will continue to develop our numeracy skills through Mental Maths whole-class interactive fun activities and will also enjoy using ICT games to sharpen our Mental agility.
We will continue to practice our Learn Its and have weekly Big Maths tests.

Health and Wellbeing 

We will be developing our skills in Badminton with Miss Sommerville.
We will learning about Peer Pressure and how we can deal with situations in a positive way.
We will be looking and food labelling and examining the information which is provided on labels to help us make healthy food choices.

Interdisciplinary Learning

Through our class topic on Environmental Issues we have been learning about Recycling and Pollution. We will also look at the Renewable Energy and the effects of Global Warming.
We will develop our skills in collaborative work by working in groups and pairs throughout our Environmental Issues topic.


This term we are studying the Digestive system. The 3D Digestive systems which have been made are fabulous! We look forward to sharing these with the other Primary 6 class.


We will develop our skills in Computational Thinking and Computer Science focusing on Algorithms and Logic Puzzles.
We will further develop our skills in creating PowerPoints using advanced design features.

Religious and Moral Education

We will learn about Honesty and Integrity through our Random Acts of Kindness topic.
We will take part in “Bubblegum and Fluff” with Ross Murray, which is an alternative look at the Christmas Story.

Expressive Arts

In Art and Design, we will develop our skills in using a range of media to create collage pieces. We will also learn about drawing techniques and create pieces using different drawing styles.
In Drama, we will learn about different drama techniques such as staging, directing, miming, voice and projection.

Our Enterprise Opportunities

We are responsible for the Credit Union within the school. We will work together to run this every week.
We are also responsible for the recycling within the school and will continue with this throughout the year.

Additional Information 

We are further developing our knowledge of French within the classroom through greetings, all about me and my family, alphabet and numbers work.

Our News This Term
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