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Our hopes for this term

Teacher’s choice
  • I hope my class really enjoy playing around with language during a range of fun activities that will inspire and further improve their writing.
Pupil’s choice

Mr Matts, Primary 6
Welcome to Room 13
Our Learning Journey

We have written some super free verse poems, using personification to bring the weather alive! In imaginative writing, we are developing our characterisation skills. We will also be writing discussion texts, some of which will be linked to the fascinating issues around the use of renewable and non-renewable energy in Scotland today.
This term our reading strategy focus is inferring, summarising and paraphrasing and self-questioning, using a variety of texts including our reading books, First News and texts linked to our current Environmental Issues interdisciplinary focus.
In listening and talking, we will be focusing on our presentation skills when presenting on Environmental Issues and also on aspects of French culture.


Estimating and rounding and addition are among the aspects of number being covered by all groups this term.
We are also developing our understanding of 2D shapes and 3D objects.
We are looking forward to tackling Time later in the term.

Health and Wellbeing 

We have been learning strategies for standing up to peer pressure to ensure we stay safe.
We’ll be investigating food labelling.
We’re enjoying developing our badminton skills.

Interdisciplinary Learning

We are learning about various Environmental Issues, including water conservation, pollution and recycling.


We are learning about renewable and non-renewable energy. We hope to be able to visit Whitelee Windfarm to find out all about wind power.
We will be exploring the digestive system.


We are making more complex PowerPoint presentations.
We will be developing our digital literacy skills when researching presentations about French culture and during our Environmental Issues interdisciplinary focus.

Religious and Moral Education

We have been learning about how to show integrity.
We are learning about Divali.

Expressive Arts

In art, we are developing our drawing skills and we will also be making 3D objects, inspired by recycling.
In drama, we will be developing our script-writing skills when making adverts about recycling.

Our Enterprise Opportunities

We are excited to be helping to run the school’s Credit Union this year.
We are organising the recycling scheme in school.

Additional Information 

PE day is on a Wednesday.

Our News This Term
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