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Parents' Evening Next Week (added 16.02.18)

We are looking forward to seeing all parents and carers on Thursday 22nd February at our Parents' Evening. You should have already had notice of your child's appointment time with a little letter in school bags but if this is lost, please don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher who can tell you when you are due to meet. Although the appointments are only 5 minutes long, you will have plenty of time to look through a sample of your child's work and get a picture of their progress in class. See you next week!
Enterprising School (added 09.02.18)

We have so many amazing enterprise projects on the go at Calderwood at the moment, it is hard to keep up! P4 have their Micro-Tyco challenge, P3 are gearing up to take over World Book Day this March and P2 are preparing for a fabulous tea coming very soon. P5 are busy with the Big Battery Hunt and P6 have been leading the way in digital technologies this term too. To keep up to speed with everything you can follow us on Twitter @calderwoodslc for all the latest news and pictures of what's going on in our amazing school.
P4 Micro Tyco Project (added 02.02.18)

Our fabulous Primary 4s are taking part in Micro-Tyco, a month-long challenge that enables them to practice and learn fundamental business principles in a safe, 'micro' environment. Teams from schools, universities or businesses have one month to turn £1 into as much money as possible. Micro-Tyco will help our P4s to unleash their talents, fostering entrepreneurial thinking, resourcefulness and team work. Letters will be issued soon with details of all their plans to raise as much money as possible for the WildHearts charity but if you think you can help with donations or your business expertise, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the P4 teachers Mrs Cairns or Miss Bhatti.
Active January Ends (added 02.02.18)

Active January has come to an end but all of our classes have stuck to their commitment of being active EVERY day in January. With a mixture of mile runs, yoga sessions, zumba and daily discos, all the pupils have benefited from being that bit more active and have been learning about what an active lifestyle can do for your health and well-being. I wonder how many of us will keep up this activity throughout the rest of the term? Well done children, you are an inspiration.
Big Battery Hunt (added 02.02.18)

The Eco Leadership Group in Room 11 have been busy collected batteries to be recycled as part of the Big Battery Hunt. Over 20,000 tonnes of batteries end up in landfill every year. So we have joined over 1,000 schools already participating in one of the largest recycling challenges in the UK to help make a difference to recycling behaviour for generations to come. If you have any batteries for recycling please send them in and follow us on Twitter to get updates on how many batteries we have gathered so far. @calderwoodslc
Digital Leadership In Action (added 02.02.18)

Room 12's Leadership Group - The Digital Leaders have been hard at work this week, sharing their knowledge of the hardware and software available in the school to enhance learning in the classroom. They invited all the classes to visit and see demonstrations of the MP3 recorders, tablets, iPads, C-Touch and coding, animation, movie-making and publishing apps. They were AMAZING and we can't wait to see how they have inspired pupils across the school to go digital! 

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