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Our highlights so far this term:

Teacher’s choice

Pupil’s choice
  • Making and painting the large Viking Longship and writing our name using Viking runes.
  • Learning about the different body systems in Science.
  • Being allowed to play in the BIG playground.

Ms Gray, Primary 3
Welcome to Room 6
Our Learning Journey

To write an autobiographical poem.
To read Traditional Tale books from the choice within the book banding sets.
To talk about our goals and achievements.


To add and subtract within 99.
To learn about new 2D shapes and 3D objects
To keep beating our score in the Beat-It tests in Big Maths.

Health and Wellbeing 

To learn about the Eatwell plate and identify different food groups.
To identify how to keep safe in the gym hall.


Interdisciplinary Learning

To find out about The Vikings and enjoy a visit to Vikingar in Largs.


To identify different body systems and know some of the names of some of the internal organs.
To find out about magnets and to invent our own magnetic game.


To learn some of the tools in Microsoft Word.

Religious and Moral Education

To remember to be kind to ourselves.
To look after the world around us and become a global citizen.
To discuss the story about Papa Panov.

Expressive Arts

To play percussion instruments with ABC Music.
To create a variety of pictures using collage.
To learn some new dance steps and new Scottish Country dances.

Our Enterprise Opportunities

Creating items to sell at the Christmas Fair.

Additional Information 

We will have a class assembly on 24th November.
Our gym day is a Tuesday and library day is a Thursday.
We are taking part in a writing competition to write a funny riddle.

Our News This Term

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