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Our highlights so far this term

Teacher’s choice
  • We have worked so hard together and have been very responsible in the big playground.

Pupil’s choice
  • We have enjoyed learning about the Vikings and loved going to Vikingar
  • We have been class of the week twice in a row!
  • We loved our classroom debate during our book study of Burglar Bill.

Mrs Sangray, Primary 3
Welcome to Room 7
Our Learning Journey

We will be learning how to write list poems this term.
We will be presenting personal talks on Viking gods and goddesses to our classmates.
We are enjoying reading a variety of new books we have in school and will be using the strategies predicting, connecting and summarising to deepen our understanding before and after reading.


We will be working with numbers up to 1000.
We will be improving our skills in addition and subtraction.
We will be exploring 2D shapes and 3D objects.

Health and Wellbeing 

In Physical Education, we will be developing our skills in mini rugby.
We are learning about taking risks and how to manage our choice to keep ourselves safe.
We will be learning about food and health and use this knowledge to plan a healthy lunch.

Interdisciplinary Learning

We will learn about the Vikings and explore where they came from and why they came to Scotland.
We will visit Vikingar to learn more about the Vikings and their way of life.


We will learn about the internal organs and what we can do to keep them healthy.
We will learn about the force of magnetism and will create a game or toy using magnets.


In ICT, we will create, edit and save a document and have been using games to enhance our learning in Maths and Literacy.

Religious and Moral Education

We have explored how to be resilient and show kindness to others.
We will learn about being Global Citizens and what that means. 
We will learn the story fo Papa Panov this December.

Expressive Arts

In Art and Design, we will experiment with materials to create pieces of collage artwork.
We will try our hand at the Bridgeton Burns art competition.
In Dance, we will learn some Scottish country dances with our friends in Room 6.  

Our Enterprise Opportunities

In December we will be designing and making crafts to sell at the Christmas Fayre.
We have started a new Growth Mindset leadership group and we will be sharing what we have learned with children throughout the school.

Additional Information 

Our P.E. day is Tuesday and we also visit the library on Tuesdays to borrow new books.
We work alongside Miss Patterson, Mrs Baird and Mrs Winters who support us in our learning.
We love using class dojo to share our learning with our families.

Our News This Term

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