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Our hopes for this term

Teacher’s choice
  • I hope that the children settle in well to life at Calderwood and have fun in their learning
Pupil’s choice
  • We hope we get to spend time with our Buddies
  • We hope that we can become good friends
  • We hope to do great work and get to show Mrs Quinn, maybe we will get a prize from the Golden Box!!
Mrs Sangray, Primary 1
Welcome to Room 2
Our Learning Journey

We will be using Jolly Phonics to learn new sounds and will practise the letter, action and song for each one.
We will be writing some poems about Autumn and will be inspired by our fabulous school grounds.
We will be delivering personal talks that link to our learning in Social Studies. We are working on using a big, clear voice.


We will be learning to recognise, write and use numbers to 10 and beyond!
We will be learn about time, including days of the week and calendar skills.
We will also be doing some work on data handling, interpreting charts and signs and creating bar charts of our own.

Health and wellbeing 

In PE we will be developing skills using small equipment with Ms Sommerville and will move on to ball skills. 
October is all about being HEALTHY and we are taking part in the  Stoptober Healthy Snack Challenge. In November we will learn about how we can share our ACHIEVEMENTS and will learn about NURTURE in December.

Interdisciplinary Learning

We are learning about Our Community for People in Society, Economy and Business. We have explored our school community and have learned about places that we can play, learn and work. We visited Overtoun Park to gather information for Numeracy and Maths across the curriculum and made bar charts about the kinds of people we met there.


For our Biological Systems studies we are learning about the similarities and differences in our bodies which has helped us to appreciate our RME work on Disability Awareness. We recognise that bodies come in all shapes and sizes and that we can name the important external parts of our bodies. We will be learning about our skeleton and its three functions using TigTag and TigTag Junior.


We will be learning to use our login to access the school computers, laptops, iPads and tablets. We have been using cameras to record our learning experiences across the curriculum.

Religious and Moral Education

In RME we have learned about Random Acts of Kindness and during the Paralympics in Rio, we talked about how to be respectful of people who's bodies are different from ours. We will learn about parable and stories across world religions that promote tolerance. We will also learn the Nativity story and will perform a super show of what we have learned.

Expressive Arts

We will be creating some collage artwork using a mixture of cutting, tearing and scrunching techniques.
We will be playing percussion instruments to keep the beat in ABC music and during our performance of our Nativity play
In drama we are going to voice and movement to sustain a role in our play and in class lessons


Our Enterprise Opportunities

We will be inviting our families to take part in a Jump-a-thon and get healthy with us and Jump Start Jonny
We will be perform our Nativity and RME dramas and will look for parent feedback on our skills
We will create wonderful crafts for our Winter Fayre

Additional Information 

Our PE day is Monday
We visit the school library on Tuesday. We can take a book home for a week and once we have returned it, we can take a different book home.
We have lots of help in our class from Mrs Ferguson, Mrs MacFarlane, Mrs Patterson and Mrs Campbell throughout the week, how lucky are we?

Our News This Term

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