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Miss McGuire, Primary 5
Welcome to Room 11
Our Learning Journey

We have been writing newspaper reports about various subjects including the recent hurricanes in America.
We have been really focussing on grammar to ensure our work is of a high standard and includes the correct punctuation.
Later this term we will be looking at imaginative writing and exploring setting.
We are enjoying working with the new selection of reading books and have been focusing on making sensible predictions before and during reading.
We will continue to develop our reading comprehension skills by focussing on making connections with the text and summarising key points.


We have been developing our understanding of Place Value and applying this knowledge in various activities.
We continue to work on developing our addition and subtraction skills. We are learning a variety of mental strategies to help solve calculations with speed and accuracy.
We also continue to regularly practise our times tables.

Health and Wellbeing 

We will be identifying our achievements both in and out of school and also exploring the factors that may increase or decrease our motivation to achieve success.
We will be developing our understanding of people’s nutritional needs and also investigating the factors that may influence the food choices that people/groups make.

Interdisciplinary Learning

We will continue to study the Scottish Wars of Independence.


We have been learning about the structure and function of the sensory organs (eyes and ears).
We will be learning about different forms of energy and developing our understanding of renewable and non-renewable energy sources.


Using ICT to conduct research, navigate websites and develop word processing skills.

Religious and Moral Education

We will be exploring the importance of respecting the beliefs and opinions of others and developing our understanding of the key aspects of the Nativity.

Expressive Arts

We will be developing our drawing skills using a range of media.


Our Enterprise Opportunities

We will continue the work of our leadership groups.

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